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How do I pay my affiliates via bank transfer?

To pay your affiliates with a bank transfer, you need to make the transfer manually from your bank account as this cannot be done from within the Affiliatly app.

Your affiliates should fill in their bank account information in their profile pages in their panels and you should make a transfer from your bank account to theirs when they reach the payout sum.

Important: After you have made the transfer, you must open the details window of the affiliate (in the Affiliates page click the cogwheel in the rightmost column), go to the "Earnings" tab and enter the amount you have paid your affiliate in the "Mark sum as paid" field. You can also add a comment for this payment (Example: "January Commission"). Finally, click the button "Save the marked sum". Doing this will deduct the amount from the affiliate's unpaid earnings in the Affiliatly database.