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What kinds of emails can I send my affiliates?

  1. Registration email - The registration email is sent when a new affiliate registers for your program. You can customize the subject and text from Settings -> Notifications -> "Text for the registration mail".
  2. Approval email - This email is sent when an affiliate is approved for your program (if you have disabled the "Affiliates are approved upon registration" option in the settings). To enable the sending of an approval email, go to Settings -> Notifications -> "E-mail text on affiliate's approval". There you can add the text for the email and modify the formating.
  3. Invitation email - You can choose to invite your customers to register for your affiliate program by sending them an email when they make a purchase from your store (the email will be sent only once and only if the customers have accepted to receive promotions and newsletters from you). You can customize the text and formating from Settings -> Notifications -> "Invitation mail for your store's customers". (This feature is available only for Shopify and BigCommerce)
  4. Email notification for new affiliated purchase - Affiliatly can send notifications to your affiliates when there is a new affiliated order from a client they have referred or a new order for which an affiliate will receive royalties. You can enable this email from Settings -> Notifications -> Mail notification on new affiliated purchase. You can also enable/disable the sending of such email to your address.

You can find sample texts for some of the emails, affiliate FAQ, Info page, etc. here: Affiliatly emails and static texts.