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What do the different order statuses mean?

The orders in Affiliatly can have one of five statuses:
- Paid: these orders were completed and paid by the customer. Your affiliates, by default, see only orders with status Paid in their panels and will get earnings only for orders marked as Paid.
- Not Paid: these orders were completed, but were not paid by the client.
- Incomplete: this status means that the client reached the checkout page but didn\'t complete the order.
- Cancelled: these orders were cancelled by the store owner, no payment has been made.
- Refunded: the order has been refunded, the money paid by the client has been fully or partially returned.
- Hidden: these orders were manually hidden by the admin in Affiliatly. If you have a reason to do this, you can hide orders, so your affiliates cannot see them in their panels and receive no commission for them. After an order has been hidden, its status is no longer synced with Shopify/BigCommerce and even if it changes, the order will remain hidden in Affiliatly, unless you set another status for it manually.

You can change the status of any order in its details window. To open it, click the cogwheel in the table in the Orders page.'