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I need help about the options on my Settings page!

The settings page gives the option to change the details of your affiliate program, here are the main options:

  1. Methods for tracking affiliated users - we added this recently, be sure to check this post for details
  2. Default Cookie Duration - when your affiliate refer a user, Affiliatly is setting a browser cookie for that user, so even if he close the browser and doesn't make a purchase right away, but returns in the future (in the time of the cookie duration, by default is 1 week) and makes a purchase, that purchase is associated with the affiliate. This can be customized later for specific affiliate.
  3. Commission type for link tracking - how the affiliate generates money (this option is for tracking by link and QR code only). There are three options here
    • by visit: the affiliate will get money for each referred user i.e. even if the user doesn't make a purchase, as long as he opened your site, the affiliate will get money.
    • by purchase: this is the default option, the affiliate will get percent from the total sum of the order (shipping excluded) that the referred user makes. The percent is controlled from the option "Default Affiliate Percent"
    • Flat rate per purchase: the affiliate will get fixed amount for earch purchase the referred user makes. The amount is controlled from the option "Amount per purchase"
  4. Default Status of the Order - this controls the default status of the order, when is inserted into the Affiliatly's database. This is important, because your affiliates will see the orders of the users they referred to your store, only when the order is marked as Paid i.e. the status in the Affiliatly's database is Paid. If the available payments in your store are online only i.e. Paypal, Stripe, Credit Card you can change the default status to Paid, because its 100% sure that the user who made the purchase has paid for it. But if you have bank transfer and payment by cheque i.e. payment methods which can not be verfied right away, you should leave the default status to "Not paid". And later, when you have verified the payment, mark the order as Paid.
  5. Default Affiliate Percent - here you can set the percent which the affiliate gets from the order (as explained in 3.) This can be customized later for specific affiliate.
  6. Currency - in what currency you wish to sums to shown. Affiliatly will not made any conversion, it will just show the currency symbol, next to the sum. You should use the same currency as your store.
  7. Default minimum payment - you can set the minimum sum an affiliate must generate, before he can be paid. This can be customized later for specific affiliate.
  8. Available Payment methods for paying affiliates - select what are the possible payout options for the affiliates. The affiliate will choose his prefered payout method in his panel and enter the corresponding info i.e. e-mail for Paypal or bank account credentials for Bank Transfer
  9. Payment methods description text - depending of the methods you have chosen in the previous option, here you can write text for each method. Consider this text as a help text, describing in detail how the payment wil be done i.e. in case of Bank Transfer - the payment will need couple of days before showing in the affiliate's account, what sum will be deducted for the tax of the transfer and etc.
Options for customizing your program.
  1. Text for the Affiliate's Login page - here you can write welcome text for your affiliate, when they open the login page of your program.
  2. Text for the Affiliate's Register page - here you can write detailed explanation of your program, which will be shown on the register page of your program.
  3. Text for the Affiliate's info page - in the affiliate's panel, there is a Info page, where important information about your program is written i.e. what is the affiliated link of that affiliate, how he can use that his ID, his QR code and Coupon code (if selected). If you wish you can add some text which will be shown after the default text on that page.
  4. Text for the Affiliate's FAQ page - here you can write text for the affiliate's FAQ page. Write down the most important questions and their answers - answers about comissions, payments and etc.
  5. Text for Terms of Service/Legal agreement - by default when the affiliate registers, he isnt required to agree to Terms of Service, but if you add some text here, a checkbox will appear on the affiliate's register page and it will be required field.
  6. Text for the registration mail - after someone registers to be your affiliate, he receives email with basic info about his account - username, where to login and etc. If you wish you can write additional text for that email, which will be shown after the default text.
  7. Customization - after clicking on the button "View/Change", a popup window will be opened where you will see options for even more customizing of the look and feel of your program. The options are:
    • Hide the Affiliatly header: by checking this, the blue header with the Affiliatly's logo will be hidden. Check this option if you plan to upload your own header image.
    • Custom background color - change the background color of the Affiliatly's panel.
    • Custom font color - as above, but change the font color.
    • Site head text - if you wish some headline or/and text to be shown at the top.
    • Upload brand logo/banner - upload your own image to be shown as a header.
  8. Promote your program on our site - you can show your affiliate program on our site (this page: ) by just entering some information like: Name, Category, Url, Average order price and Program description
  9. Mail used to send notifications to affiliates - when you have new affiliate or some affiliate have reached enough earnings and he should be paid, Affiliatly will send you an e-mail. Write down the email address to which, these emails will be send.
  10. Your site address - write down your full website address (without http://). This address will be used when Affiliatly is generating affiliates links in the affiliate's panel.