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My affiliates are not seeing their orders in their panel!

Your affiliates will see only orders with status "Paid".
When an order is inserted into our databases, by default it is marked with status "Not Paid". Later when you receive the payment for this order and change its status to "Paid", the affiliate will see that order in his Affiliatly's panel.
This status feature is implemented in order to help you with frauds - the affiliate will earn money, only if the order its 100% paid. You can change the order's default status in the Settings page, option "Default Status of the Order".

If the available payments in your store are online only i.e. Paypal, Stripe, Credit Card you can change the default status to Paid, because its 100% sure that the user who made the purchase, has paid for it. But if you have bank transfer and payment by cheque i.e. payment methods which can not be verfied right away, you should leave the default status to "Not paid".