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Carolinas Cannabis Box

Carolinas Cannabis Box

Category: Health and Fitness
Average order: 59.99$

Description: Carolinas Cannabis Box's Affiliate Program

Earn commission for every person you refer to our site that purchases over $25.00!

Earn up to 30% per paid order! 

Get approved and receive a $5.00 sign up bonus added to your affiliate account!

Payouts at $50.00! 

Limit ONLY 50 Affiliates at this time!

Start earning as a newbie 3% commission per order
After 5 orders you will be moved to the Bronze level and increased to 5% commission per order. Moving up tiers until reaching 30% per order. Commission Tiers reset every 6 Months. Meaning when someone uses your referral code/link/etc. to purchase order over $25.00 you could earn up to 30% on every order for up to 6 months. You will reset to the newbie level after that time! 

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