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LAUNCH CODE Golf Performance

LAUNCH CODE Golf Performance

Category: Sports

Description: At LAUNCH CODE Golf Performance we're focused on helping golfers realize their swing speed potential.  We believe doing so can help create better golfers and golfers who have more fun on the course.  After all, who doesn't like bombing a drive down the middle of the fairway?! 

Currently, our focus is on promoting our patent pending product, the LAUNCH CODE Overspeed Trainer.  It's a one of a kind training device that actually allows you to use your own driver shaft and grip for overspeed training.  There's truly nothing like it on the market.

Program Details
As an affiliate you will receive a 15% commission on all purchases made using your affiliate link or discount code.There's no cap on the commissions you can make.We pay out the first business day of every month.A low minimum of $10 to receive your monthly payout.30 day cookie tracking so your referrals have time to make a decision and you still get the sale.Getting signed up is easy and you can start making referrals and generating income IMMEDIATELY after registering!