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Thank you for your interest in the RedHealth Wear Affiliate Program!

We're excited you're interested in promoting the next generation of SMART wellness and well-being technology with our revolutionary, first-ever wearable PEMF devices, Resonant Energy Devices for Health (REDHEALTH). 

RedHealth is committed to all individuals who are striving for a healthier lifestyle. RedHealth is the perfect affiliate program for you if you’re interested in promoting the next generation of smart-tech resonant energy devices for preventative health and wellness. RedHealth devices are ultra-sophisticated, interactive, wearable Earth-based PEMF technology to enhance general, physical, emotional and mental well-being of both people and their animals. Wellness is all about energy at it's core and supporting optimum alignment and balance.  

Helps others optimize their energy, health and well-being and life experience today!

By becoming our affiliate you will get:
- 20% is the default commission for all referred sales made through your affiliate link or an existing client's email used that has made a previous purchase.
-Higher sales commissions can be earned based on monthly sales based on the commission tiers table below.  

Tier 2total sales amount$120.00%
Tier 3total sales amount$230025.00%
Tier 4total sales amount$350030.00%
Tier 5total sales amount$470035.00%

- 5% commission for all referral sales made by an affiliate you refer to RedHealth using your Affiliate referral link
- Payouts are calculated on the 1st of every month for all referred sales that have reached the minimum payout of $90 45 days prior to allow for the 30-day return period from date of receipt and shipping time on the front and back end of the sale. 
- The payouts are done via Paypal if that payment method is chosen in your Affiliate Registration and or later in your Affiliate Earnings Information. If you would prefer Zelle or a wire transfer please contact the RedHealth live chat/help desk and let them know either the email address for Zelle or the banking info for a wire transfer. 

Please note that in order to stay active as a RedHealth affiliate you'll need to sell at least one product per quarter.  

Use this page to register by simply providing the needed info.  
After you register you will have access to your own panel, where you can view your referred visits and purchases, generate your tracking links, find a RedHealth Banner or resources for promoting sales from the Affiliate-Partner resources page . here . . 

Please only use your affiliate referral link for referred sales from your customers, not for your personal orders.

If you have any questions, please contact us through our Contact Us page or directly at or and we'll respond as quickly as possible!

For those of you who are more serious about developing your business promoting RedHealth devices we offer our Partner-Distributor Program. This program offers you wholesale purchasing for retail distribution. Please connect with us through our Contact Us page for more information.

In health and happiness,

The RedHealth USA Team

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