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Have a website or blog? Want to earn a bit of extra money? Join The Swiss Arabian's affiliate program and start earning today! Our program is free to join and easy to use. href for more details.

Earn commissions for all visitors you refer to our online shop who complete a purchase. We provide you with the textual links, coupon codes and banners to place on your website (or use in your social media network) to offer your visitors a way to purchase our fragrances at great savings while earning you a commission.

1. We believe in rewarding individual for their hard work. By joining the Swiss Arabian Perfume Affiliate Program, we pay you a percentage of all the sales that are completed due to your referral. 

2. On top of the commissions, Swiss Arabian Perfume also offers an Affiliate Rewards Program to all our affiliates. You can win fragrances and cash prizes for your hard work! 

3. Enhance your website by offering even more quality content to your visitors including special discount deals and fragrances at huge savings to your visitors. 

We currently use the Affiliatly Network to manage our entire affiliate program. The Affiliatly Network maintains and tracks all completed purchases that you refer from your site. 

Every month, the Affiliatly Network will provide you with a comprehensive summary of your website performance. The summary tells you how many sales you have referred each month and what commissions you've earned.

The Affiliatly Network will also provide you with all the tools you need to increase sales and monitor your program. All commission earned will be paid to our affiliates by Marina Group LLC, in the form of a PayPal payment or check by mail.