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Hey there friend!

We are so thrilled that you believe in our products enough that you want to apply to be an affiliate.  

As an affiliate, you get 30% commission on every product in the store.  Yep, 30% on any contract, template, guide, or workbook. 

Plus, you can use your own code  for 20%  off of any product you purchase!*

Why We Make You Apply:
This sounds great, and you're ready to sign up and earn free money.  But you're a little weirded out by the fact you have to "apply."  Fear of rejection is REAL, y'all!

Let me explain our thoughts here.

We like to ensure that our products are marketed and sold properly.  We know and acknowledge the limits of any sort of document, template, guide, or product, and we never want to convey that a document is 100% effective and bulletproof.  Because guess what? It's not.  Anyone telling you their templates or guides are "bulletproof" is lying, and you need to run the other way... Fast.

We want to make sure all of our affiliates are using truthful, complete, and accurate wording and marketing when promoting our products, which means we need to be available to our affiliates.  We need to be around to answer questions.  We need to check in periodically just to say hi.  And that requires time.

So instead of opening the floodgate to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, we're prioritizing our wedding or creative industry folks.  We are making sure we're here and ready to guide or help you whenever you have questions. We're making sure people who are invested in us get the time, space, and opportunity to make some dolla dolla bills.

You believe in us, so we believe in you!

Now WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get your [super short] application in and start making some dollas!

*Processing fees or bank transfer fees apply.  Processing fees of 2.9% are not included in the computed percentage amount. 

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