Welcome to our Affiliate Program!

     We are excited to have you in the tribe and want to help
you strengthen and build your Sunwarrior affiliate platform! Your unique promo
code is active and offers your friends, followers, and community a discount on
all Sunwarrior products. Plus, did you know you earn commission on every order
generated by your link or promo code? Oh, and the earnings are uncapped,
because you deserve it!


     To help you
get started, we have lots of graphics, and other assets you are free to use and
post. Simply download them from our affiliate section in our forum Sunwarrior Forum/Affiliate

To login, use
your Sunwarrior shopping account credentials, your affiliatly login credentials
will not work here.  Be sure to add your
promo code to the asset.


Your affiliate code helps us track your reach and engagement and
that helps know what the best opportunities for your growth might be with us!
We know you’ll do great and can't wait to see your unique vision, originality,
and imagination for what’s possible!


* Check out the tutorial section on affiliatly for answers and
instructions to your most common questions. 
If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free reach out to

Tutorial Link: http://www.affiliatly.com/blog/affiliate-tutorial/

* As an affiliate you receive 10% commission on any sales directed from your website or affiliate link.  Because we have license agreements with distributors in other countries, affiliate sales are for U.S. customers only.  

* As an affiliate you'll be able to offer a 10% discount to your followers.

* You can link to any page on our website using your affiliate code. For example, to link to our specials page at: http://www.sunwarrior.com/specials, you would add the code /?aff=youraffiliateId to the end of the link (example: http://www.sunwarrior.com/specials/?aff=123 ).  If you order from your affiliate link using that page, you get a discount plus credit for your own purchase.

*******************IMPORTANT PAYMENT INFORMATION**********************
REQUIRED: A W-9 form is a tax form required by the IRS for all payments made to non-employees that must be completed by each vendor/affiliate before payments can be processed by our accounting department. In addition to updating the online affiliate information, please utilize this form whenever there any changes to your address, company structure or tax ID number.
* You must designate whether you want payment by check, PayPal or direct deposit.* The direct deposit form is for vendors/affiliates who would like their payments directly deposited to their bank accounts in lieu of receiving a paper check. Please utilize this form whenever your banking information changes as well. If at any time you wish to stop a direct deposit and start receiving a paper check, please email ap@sunwarrior.com with the change.
* Payment is made once commissions reach $50.  Sunwarrior pays all affiliates who have accrued $50 or more at the first of each month.

To request a W-9 or a direct deposit form please email affiliates@sunwarrior.com.

* If you change your address, make sure you update your profile on Affilialy AND email us at ap@sunwarrior.com so your payments arrive without problems.  A $30 stop payment fee will be charged for any check sent to an incorrect address.
You may expedite the process by emailing your signed and completed form(s) to ap@sunwarrior.com; or fax to 888-483-2635; or mail to: Sunwarrior 2250 N. Coral Canyon Blvd Ste #100 Washington, UTAH 84780