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  • Be a part of the most impactful group of dog owners in the pet health industry
  • Get paid for helping people get results with their dogs
  • We provide you the tools and products to help you grow.  
Our XDOG Influencer Program are a group of hand selected individuals that work directly with XDOG to help people and their dog get the best results possible. By partnering with us you will get full support from our team for you and your clients while also helping grow your personal brand and business. This is a paid position and gives you the mobility to earn additional money. If you want to get a strong foothold on a real career in the pet health/fitness world while helping you make money and making a difference with the lives of dogs and their owners, then we would be honored to consider you for the position.


Must Have a form of social media preferably an Instagram or Facebook
We approve each new application by hand. Please fill out the form to see if you quality.
Must Provide Social Security # for 1099 Purposes

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It's simple

We supply all the tools for you and handle all the fulfillment details, such as order processing, shipment, billing and support. All you have to do is follow the plan and education we give you. Then go out and educate people about how to get the best results and then refer them to your personalized URL to purchase the XDOG products that will help them – and then we pay you on those purchases.

Be Successful

The key to being successful is to help people and their dogs. It’s not about selling products; it’s about solving problems and becoming a resource and finding solutions. The amount of money you make in this program is a DIRECT reflection of how many people you are helping. The more effort you put into helping people the more successful you’ll be in our program to earning money. It’s that simple.


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