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This Affiliate Program provides links, QR Codes and Coupon Codes for you to share. Here’s how it works:
  • If you want to sell the SomaEnergetics Products on your website, offer a QR Code or a Coupon Code, once you register below, you are assigned an Affiliate Number.
  • When someone clicks for information about our products from a code or link you have provided, they are automatically routed to the SomaEnergetics site.
  • If they choose to purchase any of the products, the web site automatically credits 10% to your Affiliaty Account, and the products are shipped out by SomaEnergetics.
  • As you receive sales, they are first approved by the administrator, then when you reach $50 in commissions, a gift card to use on our website is emailed to you.
Simple, and a Win-Win for everyone! 

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