Hey there, fellow sewing enthusiast! Are you head over heels for Ellie and Mac PDF sewing patterns and embroidery designs? Can't resist showing off all those adorable creations you've whipped up with EAM goodies to your friends and followers? Well, guess what? You can turn that passion into some extra cash, just by doing what you already love!

Introducing the Ellie and Mac Affiliate Program – your ticket to sewing and earning! Simply sign up today, link up to the store, and get paid for spreading the love! It's that easy-peasy!

Here's the lowdown on the Ellie and Mac Commissions:

  • Earn a sweet 10-13% commission rate before taxes on all patterns, embroidery, and appliques sales – even if they check out using a gift card!
  • Payments sent straight to your Paypal account once a week, once you hit the $10 minimum payment amount. Cha-ching!
  • Your commission period lasts a generous 7 days. If someone uses your link and makes a purchase within that time frame, you score a commission!
  • Plus, you'll get your very own personalized link in your dashboard, so you can track all the sewing magic happening thanks to your promo powers!

Now, onto the fun part – how to be a smashing success in our Affiliate Program:

  • Show off your sewing prowess! Share your sewing stories, show off your latest creations, and let your personality shine through. People love to see what you can do with our patterns!
  • Get creative! Mash up patterns, mix and match fabrics, and showcase unique sewing hacks. The more inventive, the better!
  • Use our sales and special events as your sewing spotlight! Share something you've made that ties in with the promotion, and watch those orders roll in!

But wait, there are a few ground rules to keep the sewing party going smoothly:

  • No pattern images from the website allowed. Create your own graphic with photos of your makes to share the love.
  • Always disclose that you're sharing an affiliate link – it's the law, after all!
  • And remember, you're responsible for your posts and promotions. Play by the rules, and we'll keep the sewing fun going strong!

Ready to stitch up some sewing success? Register today! Let's sew and earn together!

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