Friends Commission Program.

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Please register for our affiliate program using the same email you use on your PayPal account. This is how commission payments are received.

We will pay you a affiliates based on the total sales volume for all consumers who reach our site via a specific link on your website (or blog) or a special code we can give you a unique QR Code that your customers can scan.  Think about putting this on some business cards!

Summary of ways to share (you can use all of them):

  • Link
  • QR Code
We pay funds owed to you that are at least $100 on the 15th of every month.  This payment can either be via PayPal or mailed check, your choice.

NOTE:  Our partners need to select PayPal for commission payments. PayPal may assess a fee from your commission(everyone gets a cut!). Just enter the email for PayPal.

If your funds owed are not over $100, then no payment will be made and the amount rolled over to the next month until such time as your total is over $100.

Commissions will be based on product charges actually paid for and shipped.  Any orders returned will have the commission deducted.  Commissions are not paid on Sales tax or shipping charges.

Prohibited activities

  • Placing orders with intent to defraud.
  • Any action taken with intent to defraud.
  • Any action not taken with the intent to defraud.
  • You will not post affiliated links on gambling, pornography and/or spam websites
  • We at any time can deactivate your account or deny you payment, if we think that you are using some unlawful tactics or not abiding by the rules.
Any prohibited activities may result in forfeiture of all monies owed and may extend to criminal or civil prosecution.

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