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Affiliate Registration

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Affiliate Program Overview
Our Eco-Strip Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity to earn a commission when a customer you refer purchases from There is no application fee. We handle processing the order, shipping it, and customer service. You receive a sales commission of 10% of the price listed at the time of customer purchase. Sales commissions are paid by PayPal once a month.

Affiliates can only sell in the USA and Canada. These are the only countries to which Eco-Strip LLC sells and ships. Affiliates are not “Partners” or employees of Eco-Strip LLC or Speedheater™ Systems AB. You are considered an “independent contractor” and must complete an IRS W-9 Form. This information will be used to provide you at year end an IRS Form 1099 of your Miscellaneous Income. Eco-Strip will submit this information to the IRS as well. 

Application Process
If you are an owner and user of Eco-Strip products, you may apply to become an Affiliate. If you do not own and use our products, you can buy them at 10%  off. Once you have used our products, you may sign up to become an Affiliate.

Step 1: Complete the online Affiliate Registration Form here.

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In the Comments field:

A. List which products you want to sell. Your ownership of these products will be verified by your Customer File in Eco-Strip's database. 

B. Explain how you expect to sell our products. List specific blogs, websites, webstores, trade shows, workshops, events, etc. 

C. In your own words, explain why you like Eco-Strip Speedheater™ products and how they help you on specific projects and applications.  

Step 2: Submit your application. 

Step 3: Once your online application is received by Eco-Strip, you will be mailed an IRS Form W-9 and a short test. This is an “open book” test to identify any product specifications, applications, or benefits for which you might need more training. Use our website for your research. Complete and mail them in the pre-stamped envelop provided. Your application, W-9 and test answers will determine if you are accepted as an Eco-Strip Affiliate. 

Step 4: Sign up for our newsletter on the bottom of our website’s home page

Step 5: “Like” us on our Facebook page and on Instagram. These will keep you informed about Eco-Strip’s current product facts, tutorials, videos, blogs, sales, announcements, relevant news, and customer projects. You can use this information for your own product marketing as long as proper attribution to our sources is included. 

Step 6: Once these are received and approved by Eco-Strip, you will receive a welcome email with a link for you to register as an Affiliate and be assigned your unique link. You will be able to log in to your dedicated affiliate account and start promoting our products. 


Coupons & Pricing:
Eco-Strip offers periodic sales and coupons. To assure your customers get the most up-to-date information and ordering options available and that they are not confused by different pricing options, you are not permitted to take orders or offer discounts or coupons directly on your website, blog, or other methods. For you to receive your commission, your customers must use your unique link to place their orders directly on Eco-Strip’s website. From Eco-Strip online order process, your customer’s contact, order date, billing and shipping information will be obtained. This information is required to honor product warranties, offer our outstanding customer service, and meet new state sales tax requirements as an e-commerce company and “remote seller”. 

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.