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Welcome to Sweet Packs Affiliate programme, join our team today!

If you have a large following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube than this is a perfect way for you to monetise your platform.

How it works
You will be given a 10% off discount code personalised to yourself to give to your followers and you will earn 10% of each sale, using your code, in commission.

We will provide you with promotional material
We are working with a videographer to create high-quality adverts which can be used as:

  • Snapchat/Instagram/Facebook stories
  • Instagram/Facebook/Twitter Posts
  • Included in a YouTube video, similar to Audible and Skillshare sponsors 

Depending on your size

Depending on your size, we will be able to provide:
  • A Mystery Sweet Pack for you to unbox and promote on your platform.
  • A second Mystery Sweet Pack for you to give away to your Instagram/Facebook following.
100% Transparency 
You can easily log in and see exactly how many sales you've generated and how much you've earned!