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We started this journey to help women who are
struggling to find aesthetically appealing and comfortable shoes to suit an
active lifestyle, because their shoe size is longer or wider than industry
standards. But we do not label our customers. We want This journey to be about
celebrating all shapes; our customers can be curvy, slim, tall or short. What
they have in common is a positive attitude to owning their individuality and
not conforming to old stereotypes. They are used to standing out from the crowd
and want it all; comfort, style, choice.       


You have a strong presence and engagement on
social media. You embody Sante + Wade’s spirit: boldness, inclusiveness and
femininity. Our brand proposition does not conflict with a relationship you may
develop with another footwear brand. You share our passion for stylish and genuine
quality footwear.    


Is invaluable, which seems ironic since we’re
putting an amount on it, we know. As a brand ambassador you will be able to
earn a commission on any sale generated via your unique url link. There is no
cap on how much you can potentially earn. You will be featured on our website
and social media channels.   


Register as an affiliate by completing the form
to the left. If your application is approved, you will be provided with a
unique referral link. Use this link on your Instagram stories, Instagram bio,
blog page, Facebook and You Tube pages to drive traffic to our site. If a customer
places an order via your unique referral link, you will earn a commission from
the sale.

We offer one standard affiliate tier; 1. Affiliates will earn a 20% commission of all
sales excluding shipping costs. We validate commissions frequently, so that our
affiliates get their money as soon as possible. Additional benefits are
included in the program and will be provided upon approval.

Please note that affiliate applications are not
automatically approved. Please ensure you provide all links to your social
media handles, so we can generate a clear picture of your style and look. Please
also use the comments box at the bottom of the form to explain in a few words
why you would be a good fit for our affiliate programme.

You will be
provided with further terms and conditions once your application has been
authorised. If you have any questions, please contact us at  

here to visit our website.