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Thanks for registering for our new affiliate program at www.makeyourown.buzz

What is Affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice by which a business rewards their affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. We want to reward our affiliates for bringing usnew  customers.

 Just apply and wait for approval and then after you join, spread the word, and as customers use your links YOU EARN!

As you go through the registration application please remember to add information about your company name if that applies, website(s) and social media links. Please add them in a way that we can link to them, and check the spelling and the format before you leave that section. For example if you have an instagram account list it as instragram.com/makeyourown.buzz.

Our affiliate program makes it very easy to participate and earn money or store credit. One important thing to keep in mind is that if you elect to receive store credit instead of payouts via paypal, you will receive a 2% BONUS! Affiliates start out at a 5% rate, but if you elect to receive store credit to www.makeyourown.buzz the pay out will be 7%!

There will also be contests on certain products where affiliates can earn more money on certain products, or categories. We'll be sending that out later after you get started. 

Check out our FAQ page too. Thanks again for applying. We appreciate your business and hope you'll participate and earn after your application is approved. 

*Affiliate marketing is geared to gaining new business when the approved affiliates bring the sponsoring company new customers and new business. We do not allow affiliates to use their own affiliate links to buy product. Please do not sign up to be an affiliate to buy product using your own link. That is not the purpose of this program. We have discount coupons, specials, and other ways to give customers a great value and we will not pay a commission to an affiliate when they buy product using their own link. More is covered in our terms of service and our FAQ Page. We appreciate your understanding.

Rules and conditions apply so read the terms of service and the FAQ Page.

See the FAQ page