Affiliate Marketing Program

Do you love to show off your lifestyle? 

Do you use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumbler?

Do you want to make money by doing exactly what you already do on social media?

Do you like HUGE discounts on amazing CBD and other cannabis/hemp products?

Currently an affiliate marketer or influencer?

Then you want to join the Thrive Well Affiliate Marketing Program!

Thrive Well is a Veteran owned company striving to give to others. We offer a very attractive compensation program based on volume of gross sales per month as well as a 2 Tier Program where you get commissions based on the sales of Affiliate Marketers that sign up through you!

 Bronze: Receive 10% of total sales per month up to $1,000.00

 Silver: Receive 15% of total sales per month from $1,000.01-$4,999.99

 Gold: Receive 20% of total sales per month from $5,000.00-$9,999.99

 Platinum: Receive 25% of total sales per month from $10,000.00+

2 Tier Program

 $10 bonus for every new Active Affiliate (Earn money by having others sign up)

 Receive 5% of the new Affiliate’s sales (You receive a commission based on their sales)

On top of the amazing compensation programs, we offer amazing discounts of 75% on all Thrive Well products and 40% on all other brands carried by Thrive Well to all of our *Active Affiliates.

We know there are a lot of opportunities to support many brands on the market. Thrive Well is more than a brand, Thrive Well is a lifestyle! We want you to enjoy life even more as you use our products! Unlike other types of programs, with Thrive Well you are not selling any single brand! You get to showcase many of our trusted brands by simply living your daily life! 

We will even help provide you with all the necessary content to help you become successful as a Thrive Well Affiliate Marketer.

Now the big question: “HOW DO I GET PAID?”


We provide monthly payouts via check, direct deposit, Venmo, and Cash App once you reach $100 in commission and you get to choose how!

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