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Affiliate Registration

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In order for you to get paid for your branded gear you will need to sign up as an affiliate.

If you just want your branded gear to be available to the public so you don't have to give it away anymore, you are all set.

If you would like to get paid an additional 7% commission to advertise for us or to push your product follow the directions below.  

General Instructions for using the affiliate app - 
1. Once you login to your account you will see a referral link.
2.  If you do not have any specific products that you want to advertise simply copy and paste this link into your social media post. 
3. If you have a product that you would like to promote follow the next steps. 
4. In another window go to www.thehoodwink.com find the product and copy that URL or address.
5. Back in the affiliate app, click on generate other links and paste that URL that you just copied into this spot. 
6. Press Generate
7. Copy the Affiliate link - the second choice
8. Paste that link onto your social media post. 
9. This should result in a nice ad that displays the product  and if someone clicks on that link that you made you will be given credit for any sales that you have sent our way.
(If you do not use the link generated by the affiliate app, you will not be given credit for purchases from your posts)


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Who is this for?

  • If you are a merchant and would like to get paid for your logo.

  • If you would like to be an affiliate of our store.

  • If you want to do both!

  • Non-profits will be paid as donations to the cause. Please use the Paypal account that will be used for donations. 

Terms and Conditions

  • 60 day cookie duration. (If someone clicks on your affiliate link that you made you will get 7% commission from all sales within 60 days)
  • 7%  Commission to affiliate when someone clicks on the link you provide and they buy something. 
  • 15% Royalties to the merchants who own the logo and someone buys them with or without the affiliate link. 
Link for affiliate tutorial - http://www.affiliatly.com/blog/affiliate-tutorial/