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Our affiliate program is simple.

When you join our affiliate program and promote our products on your website or social media page and you refer a customer to us you'll then earn 10% commission from that sale.

As an example: Someone you refer and makes a purchase on our website. They purchase $100 worth of products. You then earn $10 from the referral!

How do we track sales?

We offer 2 methods:

1) Using a unique URL that our system generates for you that ties that link up to your account. Anyone that visits that URL gets a "cookie" or tracking code placed on their browser. When the customer buys a product our system detects your code and credits your account. 

2) Using a coupon code. Every affiliate upon signing up is issued a special unique coupon code. This coupon code allows your customers to get an additional 10% off when they use it checking out. The code is then tied to your account where our system detects it then crediting your account with 10% commission. We will generate this coupon code and issue it to you after signing up.

For example:  We issue you a coupon: RDH21
This coupon will allow your customers to receive 10% off additional while crediting you 10% commission. We use coupon codes as a way to help you and offer an incentive as a way for a customer to use your coupon.

- Our affiliate program is free to join.
- We payout each month. Each payout must meet $100 minimum before paying out. If this is not met we then roll that commission over until the next month until you reach $100 commission. 
- You are free to promote on your website or social media pages.