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Be Your Own Shuga Mama!

Earn money with Shuga Hair Care through our affiliate program. With this, you are able to use your influence to translate sales into cold, hard, cash! Whether you are a salon owner, hair stylist, or just a top fan of our products, you will be able to use our affiliate program as a way to earn extra money, or be able to grow it into your full-time occupation. 

How it Works

After speaking with a Shuga Representative, you will receive a sign-up email. After you sign up, you will receive a link you may share with others that leads to our website. This link will allow users to shop and buy products. With using your link, each product bought by a customer will be able to traced back to your link. This is how we will track your influence and sales.  Each sale will translate into a commission percentage depending on what tier group you are. Each person you sign up, and the amount of your sales will help promote you to the next level.You will be able to use your affiliate dashboard to track your clicks and sales in real time. After your sales reach $100 commission, you will be able to cash out your earnings! Easy enough right? 

Why Shuga?

Well first off, being a part of Shuga is supporting a women-owned small business. You will be a part of the first group of affiliates and have first dibs! With the Be Your Own Shuga Mama program, you are able to be your own boss. It’s all about the hustle! Shuga is flexible, and does not require weekly minimums. You may work as often or as little as you please. Your earnings depend on you. The more you work and promote, the more you make. Shuga is a diverse brand that works on all hair types, so it should be easy to sell!