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We are about quality sleep - bedding designed for your bed and your sleep!
Made from pure Australian wool and scientifically proven to improve sleep, our toppers, comforters and pillows are designed to optimize your sleep. If you have a social media following or a blog and are looking to monetize it, then our affiliate program could be for you. 
We remind you that we offer "Everyone deserves access to quality sleep through natural means. Only then can sleep be sustainable in the long term.” This opinion wasn’t formed lightly: in a ten year search for solutions to his own sleepless nights, our Founder Brett Howlett tried everything. From Ambien to Acupuncture. It turned out that any realistic, valuable solution, came from nature. 

Our commitment to quality, we’re proud to say, has earned us the endorsement of the Woolmark label, the world’s premier natural fiber marque. Cool wool owes its magic to Nature; from heat and moisture control to being allergy friendly and anti-bacterial. When in the market for new bedding, consumers need to be thinking about getting a better night’s rest. You may not know is that a material as natural as wool, can improve the quality of your sleep. Significantly! Here are just five benefits of sleeping in wool.
Benefit #1 — Temperature Regulation
Too much bedding traps heat. Wool on the other hand releases heat when it's needed, yet never gets cold. It actively works with your body temperature throughout the night, so you stay asleep when needed, and wake when needed. 
Benefit #2 — Resilience
Wool is the most resilient of bedding fibers. The natural crimp in a wool fiber makes it spring back to life after being slept on, night after night after week after year. Most people keep their same wool bedding for at least 10 years. 
Benefit #3 - Natural and Sustainable 
Cool wool owes its magic to Nature. We take only long fibers shorn from the best parts of the sheep (there are over 7 different grades of wool on one sheep). Anything less is 'fair' or 'inferior' which often find their way to cheaper bedding products and carpets. Our commitment to quality, we are proud to say, has earned us the endorsement of the Woolmark Label, the world's premier natural fiber marque. 
Benefit #4 — Hypoallergenic and Chemical Free
Wool is very allergy-friendly. This is because it naturally resists dust mites and other bugs that love moist climates found in down and feather products. Wool bedding releases moisture when you're out of bed. 
Benefit #5 — Comfortable and Soft
The way we make our bedding ensures that our toppers are like heaven to lay on (we make them extra thick for luxurious to the touch) so they are designed for your bed and for better sleep. 

We say to our Consumers, Shop our Cool Wool Bedding Now and do not put off getting the quality sleep you should, or suffer that less than comfortable bedding you have now.  You Are What You Sleep will help you fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and deeper in one of nature's most perfect fibers. Learn more at https://youarewhatyousleep.com/collections/all 

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