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 Join Mieka's Digital affiliate program TODAY!!!!

To join Affiliate you must have already made a purchase from the website.

 If you are a  DIY blogger, stay at home mom, or simply just looking great giveaways for your fans then this is the program for you.

We know that COVID-19 has put a dull spot on our sewing community, We here at Mieka's Digital would love to help give back to our sew brothers & sisters.  If you love to share your awesome makes, then this program is a great way for you to get a little extra to help to maintain what once made you happy. Earn money while you share by telling your friends and posting all those cute things you make using Mieka's Digital Patterns just by the click of your fingers. Sign up today for our Affiliate program.  Get paid for sharing what you do best! 

  • Mieka's Digital  Affiliate offers 
    • A commission rate of 10-50% before taxes,  You will earn commission on all pattern sales to checkout. 
    •  You will not earn a commission from your own orders placed.  
    • We will send you payments through Paypal once you meet the $50 minimum payment amount.  
    • Your commission period is 5 days.  If a customer uses your link and then makes a purchase within 5 days, you will earn a commission from that sale.  
    • You will be provided with a personal link in your dashboard and once logged into the program, can track all activity and sales. 
    Best way to earn
    •  Share,  share all those awesome garments made from our unique Patterns. If you mix & match up patterns share, by showing how you can use two or more patterns together to make something unique is a great way to peak others interest.
    • Do not use photos from the website to promote your link, that is false advertising don't worry people are not looking for perfection just the outcome of the joy you get from your unique creation.
    •  Our sales channels, bundles even our upcoming activity boards can be used to drive others interest, sharing something that you have made that corresponds with the event or promotion you want to highlight remember to be unique & try to stand out. 
    •  When sharing you must post something that only you have made using our patterns.  
    • Use your own photos to share.  Find creative ways & if you need assistance we are always here to help.    
    •  When you register, you will be given your own unique link to use when sharing your posts/makes 
    •   You are responsible for the posting and promoting of your affiliate links and photos always remember to tag your photos with your signature & do not use imagines from other websites to promote your link.  

                                          Affiliates who deviate from the above rules will be blocked from using the program.  

When sharing Affiliate links by Law you must disclose that you are sharing such please make it be known clearly on each of your posts.