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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Purpose Planner by JH

Ambassador Agreement

Effective Date: August 1, 2021

Primary Website: www.thepurposeplanners.com


This Ambassador
Agreement (hereinafter called the "Agreement") is provided by the
following organization, hereinafter referred to as "Company":
JHenning Creative LLC dba JH Creative. Our primary website is located at the
address listed above. The Agreement is a legal document between you and the
Company that describes the affiliate relationship we are entering into. Please
note: the term “ambassador” may be used interchangeably with the term “affiliate.”
This Agreement covers your responsibilities as an ambassador and our
responsibilities to you. Please ensure you read and understand the entirety of
this document, as well as have a lawyer's assistance if you desire, because
each of the terms of this Agreement are important to our working relationship.

NON-EXCLUSIVITY: This Agreement does
not create an exclusive relationship between you and us. You are free to work
with similar affiliate program providers in any category. This agreement
imposes no restrictions on us to work with any individual or company we may

We will provide you
with a specific link or links which correspond to certain products we are
offering for sale (collectively, the "Link"). The Link will be keyed
to your identity and will send online users to the Company's website or websites.
You agree to only use links which are prior approved by us and to display the
Link prominently on your website or social media page.

Each time a user clicks through the
Link posted on the Affiliate Site and completes the sale of the product and we
determine it is a Qualified Purchase, as described below, you will be eligible
to receive the following rate per planner product sold: $10.00 (Ten US

As described above,
in order to be eligible for payout, user purchases must be "Qualified

Qualified Purchases:

a) May not be
purchased prior to the Ambassador joining the Ambassador Program;

b) May only be
purchased through a properly-tracking Ambassador Link;

c) May not be
purchased by a customer in violation of any of our legal terms or Acceptable
Use Policy;

d) May not be
fraudulent in any way, in the Company's sole and exclusive discretion.

We will determine
whether payout is permissible in our sole and exclusive discretion. We reserve
the right to reject clicks and/or sales that do not comply with the terms of
this Agreement. Processing and fulfillment of orders will be our

You agree that your use of the Ambassador
Program is at your sole and exclusive risk and that any services provided by us
are on an "As Is" basis. 

Payouts will only be
available when the Company has your current address information as well as
accounting and tax documentation. You will be asked to submit a W9 tax form.
Accounting information may include an email address for an online method of

Currently, the
Company employs the following method of payout: PayPal and Venmo. Payout will
be made via PayPal or Venmo, on the first business day of each month for the
previous month’s sales. 


Payouts are subject
to the following restriction: Payouts are only available after you have been
working with us at least the following amount of time: 4 weeks.

For any disputes as
to payout, the Company must be notified within thirty days of your receipt of
the payout. 


: We may monitor your
account, as well as clicks and/or purchases coming through your account. If we
determine you are not in compliance with any of the terms of this Agreement, we
have the right to immediately terminate your participation in the Ambassador

You are required to post a conspicuous
notice on your website or social media post regarding the Ambassador Program.
The notice does not have to contain the precise words as the example given
below, but should be similar:

We engage in affiliate marketing
whereby we receive funds through clicks to our affiliate program through this
website or we receive funds through the sale of goods or services on or through
this website. This disclosure is intended to comply with the US Federal Trade
Commission Rules on marketing and advertising, as well as any other legal
requirements which may apply.

You agree not to use
the Ambassador Program or our Company for any unlawful purpose or any purpose
prohibited under this clause. You agree not to use the Ambassador Program in
any way that could damage our websites, products, services, or the general
business of the Company.

Nothing contained
within this Agreement shall be construed to form any partnership, joint
venture, agency, franchise, or employment relationship. You are an independent
contractor of the Company and will remain so at all times.

The Company is not
liable for any damages that may occur to you as a result of your participation
in the Ambassador Program, to the fullest extent permitted by law. The maximum
liability of the Company arising from or relating to this Agreement is limited
to one hundred ($100) US Dollars. This section applies to any and all claims by
you, including, but not limited to, lost profits or revenues, consequential or
punitive damages, negligence, strict liability, fraud, or torts of any kind.

For any questions or
concerns, please contact us at the following address: shop@thepurposeplanners.com.