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Now that you’ve convinced 3 of your girlfriends to buy Flora Pants, we owe ya big time! (How does 10% commission sound?). Every reshare, mention + instagram posts about Whimsy is greatly appreciated support for us, but more importantly, support for sustainable fashion at large. This is our way of saying, THANK YOU! Simply fill out an application to apply. We love everyone who loves Whimsy! We can’t wait to get to know you!

Once an approved Whimsy Affiliate, you’ll earn 10% commission every time someone purchases at through your unique affiliate link. Your friends will want to use your link, 'cuz they'll ALSO get 10% off. Win—win! You'll also have access to your sales in real-time through our online portal. We recommend pouring yourself a glass of wine to enjoy watching your earnings flow in. Cheers!