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Welcome to's affiliate program!

New Affiliate,

Thank you for joining KC Biologics Products
affiliate program. 

We are looking forward to working with you.  Our
standard affiliate program provides a 5% commission and a 5% discount QR code. 
The discount QR code will ensure that your customers return to you or your site
when placing future orders.

We do have additional discount levels and
programs based on sales volume and targeted customers.

Once approved, you will receive links to
approved marketing materials, logos, and pictures that you can use on your
website or through social media.  You will receive a link that can be used
on your website or social media that will redirect your customer to our website
where they can use a custom QR code provided by you to receive a
discount.  You will be provided a dashboard for visibility of all
transactions and commissions.  We request you review the terms and
conditions link, which can be accessed through your dashboard

Note; Microsoft Explorer may not provide all
content.  We recommend that Google Chrome is used as your browser when
using our affiliate program.

In connection with your participation in the
Program you understand that this product is regulated by the Environmental
Protection Agency and is subject to the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and
Rodenticide Act, as amended (7 USC §136 et seq. (1996)).   You
acknowledge the following:

·  That pursuant to that statute and related
regulations you may only make representations that are contained on the product

·  That any representation not contained on the
product label is considered false or misleading language, is prohibited by
Federal law, and is considered “misbranding.”

·  That you agree to indemnify and hold KC
Biologics Products Corporation harmless for any liability resulting from your
use of false or misleading language.

·  That you will make no statement directly or
indirectly implying that Triple Threat is recommended or endorsed by any agency
of the Federal Government. For example, you may say that the product is EPA
registered but you may NOT say that it is EPA approved.

·  That you successfully completed pesticide
product training at

By joining our affiliate program, your
organization confirms that this email has been reviewed, the training course
has been taken and passed, and that terms and conditions have been reviewed.

Please contact or to learn about these programs.  To learn
more about how the affiliate software integration works, visit


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