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This is the official application for the Periphio Gaming Affiliate and Sponsorship program.


To qualify for the Affiliate program you must have a minimum combined social media presence of 5,000 followers/likes/subscribers across all platforms. Exceptions may be made if your presence trends heavily towards YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook.  

To qualify for Periphio Sponsorship, you must have a minimum combined social media presence of 100,000 followers/likes/subscribers across all platforms. 

All of your applicable social media pages should be publicly viewable. If they are not, you will not be considered for the Periphio Affiliate/Sponsorship Program. 


Periphio affiliates will receive a net 4% commission (after applied discounts, before tax) of each sale made using their affiliate link. Affiliates will be paid monthly, with a minimum required balance of $100.00.  

Sponsorships will be awarded on an individual basis and will have contracts written individually to best suit the interested party and thus further sponsor compensation shall not be disclosed. 

Additional Information:

Application for this program does not constitute membership and having met the requirements set forth above does not guarantee admission into the Periphio Gaming Affiliate/Sponsorship Program. 

For questions or concerns, email our Affiliate & Sponsorship Coordinator, Talon Lister, at