Hello and welcome to the Joonya Eco Wipes affiliate program. 

Our award winning Joonya Eco Wipes are premium, stylish, non-toxic and biodegradable wipes sold in bulk online via our membership model where our customers can receive free shipping and sizable discount if they are happy to buy 24 packs. We are also available via a range of selected stores and via Amazon & Ebay. 

We currently sell into the Australian and the US markets and our affiliates receive 5% of each order (average order value is $90) along with a welcome bundle of product to trial and review. Cookies are saved for 6 months and we payout at $100 intervals via Paypal.If your site is generating a sizable amount of traffic, we will also happily send you a regular supply of wipes as an extra incentive. 

We also offer our customers a 3 x pack trial option for those who would like to test drive our wipes before they invest in the bulk membership. Our gift boxes are perfect for baby showers and newborn gifts with a personalised note.

Rise of the informed modern mother - Ever since the proliferation of smart phones, parents are really questioning what they put on and inside their babies’ bodies. The mass market is demanding safer, more trustworthy brands and products – not just the crunchy mamas!
Key Points Of Difference
1) A luxurious, biodegradable wipe that uses the safest combination of ingredients on the market as measured by EWG scores on www.ewg.org/skindeep . Baby skin is very delicate and parents are waking up to the fact that we need to be really careful which chemicals come into contact with their skin on a regular basis. The preservatives in most wipes are terrible – we have been very careful in selecting our ingredients.We won a Gold Medal for 'Most Popular Baby Wipe' in the 2017 Mother and Baby Awards. We are also ranked #1 baby wipe in Australia by mynontoxictribe.com.au and in #1 in the US by Ireadlabelsforyou.com 
2) Beautiful, on-trend packaging that has turned baby wipes into an object of beauty worthy of sharing on social media. Our versatile design also appeals to adults who wish to use the wipes for other (non-baby) purposes too, and are often left scattered around the house on kitchen benches, bathroom vanities, nurseries and handbags.
3) We are parents of two young toddlers whose skin reacted poorly to many mainstream brands that were laden with harsh chemicals. Out of desperation we created our own brand of wipes that we as parents wanted to use – they had to be safe, functional and beautiful.

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