Hi & Welcome to Pattern Emporium Affiliate Central.

Thank you for being a Pattern Emporium supporter. This affiliate program has been set up for Pattern Emporium testers, bloggers & those passionate about the PE brand.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to sign in to view your dashboard & generate your personalised affiliate links.

: Affiliate links last for 14 days. When you create an affiliate link, it will store your details for 14 days. You will then be credited for each sale made using your stored affiliate link, at the affiliate commission rate, as long as the sale is made within that 14 days.

RATE: The affiliate commission rate is 15% of the total purchase price of the patterns bought by the customer via your affiliate link.

How & when to use your affiliate link (aff):



  1. Go the the PE website: http://patternemporium.com & locate the pattern you want to share. 
  2. Copy the URL link from the address bar.
  3. In your Affiliate account, go to 'Generate Link'.
  4. Here you'll paste the link you copied (to the pattern you want to share) to create a link specifically attached to your account.
  5. Go the the Facebook group*, Facebook post* or blog post you want to share the pattern & paste the link. *See note below about 'Where & When' to share.


Use your affiliate link:
  • If you make a PE garment & post a picture of your latest PE creation in another Facebook group* or social media platform
  • If you see someone ask about a pattern suggestion & you think "ooohhh PE have a pattern they might like", create & use your affiliate link to that product. You will notice that lots of people in general pattern/sewing groups ask for suggestions. Sometimes you'll find that fabric groups will ask too. 
  • If you blog about a PE pattern release or product.
  • DO NOT use your affiliate codes in the main Pattern Emporium Facebook Group. Posts will be deleted & repeat offenders removed from the group & the affiliate program. 

Some Facebook groups require you to disclose if you're using an affiliate link so check their pinned post.
  • The large PDF Sales & Promotion Facebook group is one that requires disclosure. [**Affiliate links must be disclosed by using the hashtag #aff or #affiliate or just say in the post it is an affiliate link]

Pattern Emporium reserves the right to alter these guidelines at any stage. All affiliates & affiliate commissions are subject to final approval by Pattern Emporium.