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Affiliate Registration

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Dr.Ganja Affiliate Registration

How does the program work? 

1) Sign up and choose your own personal coupon code and you will also get a unique link. 

2) Share both the coupon code and unique link with the world.

3) When the site is accessed through your unique link and items are bought you earn cash. When someone uses your coupon code at checkout they save money and you get cash as well. 

4) Cash is deposited into your paypal account.

5) You can also sign up affiliates under you and profit from the sales they generate.

  • Dr.Ganja affiliates receive 10% of all sales which includes recurring orders from the same customers.
  • 365 day cookies duration.
  • Payments are made 2 times a month to your paypal account. 
  • Banners and text links are provided or you can create your own. 
  • We will notify you on how much savings the coupon code will provide.
  • Refer affiliates to sign up under you and profit 3% from the sales they generate.
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