Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use Affiliatly?
A: Please refer to this Affiliatly tutorial: href

Q: How do I generate my affiliate links?
A: To generate a unique affiliate link, please go to Link Generator and enter the BLJ URL of your choice. When you click on Generate your unique link will be displayed.

Q: How does my affiliate link get tracked?
A: By default the cookie is active for 30 days. This means that if the referred visitor makes a purchase during those 30 days, his purchase will be associated with the referring affiliate.When the 30 days pass, the visitor will no longer be associated with the affiliate and future purchases will not be associated with the referring affiliate.

Q: What is the current commission payout for affiliates?
A: 20% on total sales (excludes shipping, taxes and promo codes)

Q: When do I receive a commission?
A: After the purchase was paid by the client.

Q: How long after I refer a customer to your site can I get a commission? 
A: The link will be tracked for 30 days. Be sure to always use your affiliate link.

Q: When and how do I get paid?
A: We will process payments via Paypal. We check accounts weekly and the payouts will happen when the minimum affiliate commission has reached $50.

Q: Can I promote all of your products?
A: Yes, commissions are paid on all products in our store.

Q: Can I use my affiliate’s discount to make purchases at your store?
A: Yes. However, please note that the discount does not go through at checkout; It will get added to your commission payout.

Q: Where do I share my affiliate link?
A: The following are guidelines for sharing:

  • We approve Social Media sharing (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest...) to your own followers.
  • We approve link sharing via personal blogs and/or school/professional coaching websites.
  • We DO NOT approve link sharing via coupon code websites.
  • We DO NOT approve of running Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest Ads containing BLJ affiliate links.
  • We DO NOT approve of running Google Ads containing BLJ affiliate links
  • Please follow link-sharing guidelines via social media sites/groups. Please do not SPAM with your affiliate link.
Q: How do I obtain a discount code to share with my followers?
A: To request a discount code, please send an email to l. Please note that we don’t allow combining affiliate links with discount codes. If you are sharing a discount code, please do not include your affiliate link; only the BLJ link without your affiliate ID attached.

Q: Do you do collaborations?
A: Please email the details of your collaboration request.

Q: Do I need a professional license?
A: A professional license is necessary if you're planning on using our PDF products as part of a program, class, or practice you charge for. Please contact for pricing information.

Q: How do I review your Affiliate Agreement?
A: Here: href