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Holy Shrooms - Premium Medicinal Mushrooms

Holy Shrooms - Premium Medicinal Mushrooms

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- Flexible team: do you have a request or suggestion? Let us know and we'll do everything we can to fulfill your needs (as long as it's aligned with our values)

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Functional mushroom is an ancient tonic to help achieve homeostasis, a balanced wellbeing within each of us.  We know their healing benefits on an individual level, and we have seen them first hand.  Quality and the art of healing is our passion.  

Holy Shrooms aims to bring a disruptive healing product to the world, and promote wellbeing on a collective level.

Our team have been working with medicinal mushrooms for over a decade; farming, wild-harvesting, researching, processing, and wholesaling.  We partner with wonderful organic mushroom farms with beautiful people who constantly strive to perfect their methods.  We believe that mushrooms can change the world.