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Hydration Junkie - The All-In-One Water Jug

Hydration Junkie - The All-In-One Water Jug

Join the Hydration Junkie Affiliate Program for a chance to earn a 10% commission while you promote one of the newest and most innovative products on the fitness market today!

The Hydration Junkie is a three liter water jug that allows you to carry all of your personal belongings with you around the gym while you work out or as you're outside exercising. You won't ever have to be seen with a store-bought gallon jug again. Our Hydration Junkies come in a Majestic Pink and Smoky Black color so you'll be turning heads for the all the right reasons now.

The Hydration Junkie isn't just a regular water bottle though. The Hydration Junkie comes with dual lids with different size openings. The small one is to drink out of and then the second one is so you can easily refill your container or so you can easily add supplements or drink mixes to your water.

The Hydration Junkie comes with a cash/credit card pocket, a detachable carabiner keychain, a carrying handle, and a unique magnetic cell phone attachment. The cell phone attachment will position your phone perfectly so you can take all the gym selfies and videos you desire. We like to refer to the Hydration Junkie as the #SOCIALMEDIAJUG!

Here's why you should join our program today:
- Earn a 10% commission (FREE MONEY!) on all sales from a custom coupon code or tracking URL/link that we will provide to you.
- Our average order value is $40 so your earnings can add up quickly.
- We have a 30 day cookie length which means that you will get to reap the benefits of your efforts longer.
- We provide opportunities to receive free Hydration Junkies and to be featured in our marketing.

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