Affiliate program:

Ritual Cacao - Ceremonial-grade Cacao

Ritual Cacao - Ceremonial-grade Cacao

The affiliate program could be for you if...

  • You love Ceremonial Cacao;
  • You want to share it with others;
  • People ask you where to get it from;
  • It has helped you and you believe it could benefit others;
  • Cacao works well alongside what you do;
  • You have a network or customer base who would like to buy cacao from you at a discounted price;
  • You want to support Amazonian farmers in using traditional agroforestry farming methods, protecting the rainforest, their land, and promoting biodiversity.
The benefits of becoming an affiliate:
  • Share the cacao love!
  • Support The Tsatsayaku community of Ecuador;
  • Make sales without having to hold stock;
  • Create a passive income;
  • 10% discount for your customers and yourself;
  • Minimum effort, maximum rewards!