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Roam Free Bison Bites

Roam Free Bison Bites

We are a first generation bison ranch in Western Montana practicing holistic land management. We offer 100% grass-fed bison meat snacks from our ranch at and you can earn money referring your followers to our site!

We're looking for bloggers, influencers, writers, athletes, nutritionists, etc. who want to offer their followers the most nutrient-dense protein snack on the market. At 24g of protein, 0g sugar and 0g carbohydrates per bag, you can be confident you're offering a premium health product.

How Our Affiliate Program Works

Fill out the application to become an affiliate. We'll respond to your request within 72 hours. Upon approval you'll have access to your own affiliate tracking link.
When customers open our site with your unique affiliate ID, a cookie will be set, which will be active for 180 days. And if they make a purchase during these 180 days you will receive 10% of their first payment and 5% of their purchases thereafter. The minimum payout sum is $50 and is payable via Paypal. In addition, we will send you marketing materials and resources to make your job easier.

Why Should I Join?
Turn your site's traffic into revenue just by sharing products your audience will love at no additional cost to you. If that's not reason enough, all active affiliates will receive a coupon code good for personal discounted Bison Bites and swag!

Our Mission: #SaveBisonEatBison

Our mission is to make bison a staple of the American diet again. Bison is one of the healthiest if not THE healthiest protein sources you can eat. A keystone species of the American Prairie, bison are essential in protecting our environment. With only ~400,000 bison worldwide, our goal is to increase the number of bison on U.S. soil and grow the market for bison products sustainably.

So why does eating bison help preserve the species? 98% of bison are owned by private land owners and without them bison would go extinct. By buying (or in your case selling) bison products from the producer your helping to create a sustainable market. This in turn, allows bison ranchers to invest in growing their herds.

Please contact us at We're happy to answer any of your questions!