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Welcome to Real Life Potions affiliate program.

By becoming our affiliate,
you can earn money by referring customers to our site.  When they open our site with your unique affiliate ID, a cookie will be set,
which will be active for a lifetime.  So, each time they purchase
from us, you will receive 15% of each purchase as long as they use your
link.  The minimum payout sum is $25 and is payable via PayPal, Cash App,
or Store Credit based on your selection.

How does the Real Life Potions Affiliate Program work?

First, prospective affiliates go through an
application process where our affiliate team will review your social media
sites to make sure that it's suitable for an affiliate partnership (Waived if
applying for a loved one incarcerated)
 We take our brand seriously, so we are very selective about our
affiliate partnerships. Once your affiliate application is approved, you will
have access to an affiliate dashboard stocked with ready-to-use tracking links
including banners and product ads that you can use to promote Real Life
Potions. You will receive an email each time a referral purchase using
your link, and you will be able to view your commission online.

Have an loved one incarcerated?  

We created this affiliate program for this exact
reason!  Since December 2017, we have been offering discounted gift
baskets to inmates in Virginia State prisons, to send a loved one a special
gift, we custom make each basket and the response has been

So, we want to give back to show we appreciate
the support by offering an affiliate program to their loves ones to spread the
word about Real Life Potions and in return, we send them money.  I know
for some, it’s hard to consistently send money, pay for holiday packs, phone
services, stamps, etc.  We hope this help you support your family member!

We have no minimum payout for this group and the referral fee is 15%.  Your loved one will receive whatever the monthly balance and will be paid out on the first of each Month.   If you want the
payment to go directly to your loved one.  Please enter the following
information in the comment section of the registration and select payment by
  • Inmate#

  • Full Name

  • Name of Facility

  • Full Address

  • Do they have Jpay access or other type of online
    payment methods.

If you prefer the payments, select one of the following PayPal,
Cash App, or Store Credit.

If you would like a sample box sent to you of
our products, just pay for shipping and handling, which is $10.  Once you
register the link will be on the login page.

See the FAQ page