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1. What is an affiliate program – An automated marketing program where a Web advertiser or merchant recruits affiliates/partners/promoters to place the merchant’s banner, ads or buttons on their own website and attract more customers. The store owner set a default commission for the orders and the affiliate will receive it for every referred purchase. In this way they can generate money (i.e. When the affiliate refers more customers, they will receive more money). After the affiliate reaches a certain amount of money, the store owner pays them via PayPal, bank transfer, gift voucher etc.

2. Registration – to be able to refer clients and get earnings from their orders, you need to be registered for the affiliate program of the store. To do that, load the main page of the program, its something like
where AF-10XXXX must be replaced with the actual ID of the affiliate program and click on the text link “Register” just next to the blue button “Login”

3. Login – to login into your account, just open again the program main page ( AF-10XXXX must be replaced wth the actual ID of the affiliate program ) and enter your account credentials. Its possible that you will not be able to login due to the fact that the store owner need to approve your affiliate account first.

4. How to refer clients – As an affiliate the easiest way to refer clients is sharing links of the shop. You can paste them on your personal website or in the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. To get your affiliated link go to your “Info page” or to page “Link generator” (explanation bellow).
Other option is sharing banners, which are made by the shop owner. To get the banners, go to page “Banners” where you can choose between few banners (uploaded by the store owner).
Depending of affiliate admin, you can refer clients via coupon codes, i.e. you are associated with coupon code (which the admin gives you) and when some client uses that code, you will be associated with the order and get earnings for that. Note that the coupon codes feature is not always available and it depends of the affiliate program administrator.

5. Affiliate panel – When you have registered for the affiliate program, you will receive a panel, where you can see all the information in different pages,

Homepage/Stats page – here you can see your stats in a glance: the visitors you have referred, the referred orders made by them and the conversion

Profile page – here you can set your personal data and choose your preferred payment method (if more that one is available).

Info page – Here is all the needed information for promoting links, codes etc. You will see your affiliated link, QR code (if available) and coupon code (if available) and the commission you will receive for every referred order.

Link generator – From this page you can create links to specific pages from the store. Just paste the link, click on “Generate” and you will receive an affiliated link, which is ready to use. Note that:
Affiliated Link – can be used/shared in social sites
HTML code – is your affiliated link, but formatted for use in websites/blogs, it can not be shared in social sites.

Orders – Here you can see all of your successful referred purchases.
“Referring page” is the page where the affiliated link was placed (and the client clicked on it).
“Landing page” is the page to which the client was referred.

You can use both of the above to see the performance of your different links. if the client have used a coupon code, then the above fields will be empty.

Payments – This is the page for the payments, which the owner have made and you have received.

Banners – Here is all the banners, which are given from the store owner. You can paste them to your website and attract more customers. Just click on the green button “Get HTML code” and your HTML code for that banner and your affiliated link will be generated.

45 thoughts on “Affiliate tutorial

  1. I have started using affiliatly as an affiliate.
    i currently tweet links for 2 seperate companies and will be having more very soon.
    is there an easy way for me to log in and see all of the stores that i share links for in one place?

    • Hi, I created a test account with your program and when I logged in, everything was OK – I could see text in my Info page and the Link generator page is visible and working. If you still have this issue, please send an email to our support.

  2. This part is not working for me – where AF-10XXXX must be replaced with the actual ID of the affiliate program and click on the text link “Register” just next to the blue button “Login”

    I tried to replace it with AF-34 then the link and it says not found.

  3. I agree, not being able to see all your companies in one place is hassle. Plus, you can’t find new ones that you might be able to affiliate with.

    Does anyone work with any company outside the USA. If I get paid my commission via paypal, paypal charges a fee. Do you know if I do a bank wire using a SWIFT code if I will get charged a fee too?

  4. Hey guys, nice tutorial to use your affiliate program. It is really easy and straightforward to do. As we enter the age of the customer, affiliate marketing will be the primary channel of sales. It really helps drive authentic traffic from real audiences. Thanks for helping so many of us get started.

  5. Hello,
    We are using Affiliately on our Shopify store. When the registered affiliates visit their panel, they are not able to see ANYTHING on the Info page. Can you please help troubleshoot this? Is it something in our settings?


  6. We have several affiliates and several customers that use each different website. Is there any way to manually change an order that might be sent to the wrong affiliate to the right one?? Or do I just $0 out the sale and comission and add it to the right affiliate?

    • Hi Amber,
      in such cases, first you will need to mark the order as Hidden and it will not be visible anymore in the affiliate’s panel and the commission will be removed. Then you need to enter the order again (with a slightly different ID, as you cannot have duplicate IDs) by clicking “Add order” above the table in the Orders page.

  7. I just signed up today and got my link/code but when I shared the info I had people telling me my code doesn’t work.

    • Hi Crystal, please contact the administrator of the affiliate program (as we are only managing the technical aspect of the program) about this. As your coupon code must be created in the store you are promoting and maybe there is a mismatch now.

  8. Hi,
    I am an affiliate.
    I just ran a campaign and tracked all of my link clicks via Google Analytics. I can see that I had a significant amount of link clicks, however, in my Affiliates panel it is displaying zero (0) visitors.
    I have checked the affiliate ID in the URL and it is correct.
    Can you please let me know what the issue could be.

    • Hi Nate, can you send to our support email ( the exact affiliate link that you have used for your campaign ? As I see that you have accounts in few different affiliate programs.

  9. Hello, I´m promoting one of your offers. Is there any chance to place a Post back url with you in order to Track?

  10. Hi, I only track my affiliate referrals through discount codes that I use for my shopify site. Unfortunately, My affiliate entered the wrong discount code when she registered in the affiliate page. I there a way I can assign orders to her account as I can still clearly identify which orders were hers in my shopify dashboard?

    • Hi Rene,

      There is no way to assign an already completed order to an affiliate. However, you can add an order and assign it to the affiliate, you would just need to make the order number slighlty different so the system does not think it is a duplicate. You can add -1 or -C for correct to know this is the order you manually addedd for the affiliate. To manually add an order, go to page Orders and click “Add single order” above the table. Enter the ID or email of the affiliate, the order ID, the price and commission. Finally, hit the “Save” button. The commission will be added to the unpaid earnings of the affiliate and the order will appear in their panel.

  11. We are testing your program and I have enacted the store data, so my affiliate can see the details of the customers ordering but neither of us can see it still, is it a thing going forward or can you see past customer details before it was enacted? Thanks, Also is there a tab that you can change the Time Zone to New Zealand time?

    • The order information will only be stored for order made after the settings were changed. It is not possible to retrieve past order information.

  12. Hi
    If I post a link of the main page of the shop or the banner of the shop and if the customer buy the other products in the shop but not that link. …. will I get the commission ?
    Please advice.

    • The customer will be tracked via the cookie that is placed when the customer clicks your link. If an order is placed then you will receive commission.

  13. I am currently an affiliate and cannot figure out why I haven’t been paid my earnings. I have over the $50 minimum and have filled out all of my paypal info. Have a missed a step? Can you help?

    Erin Mengeu

    • You will need to speak directly with the company you affiliate for. They will be able to answer any payout questions.

  14. I cannot find the link to join as an affiliate. I would like to promote the products of one of your members but cannot determine where to sign-up for my unique codes.

  15. Hello,

    I have met the payment threshold and have selected payment by bank transfer, but I don’t see anywhere to enter my banking information. Is that something that happens later? Thanks for any help you can offer!

    • Hi Ethan,

      You would need to speak directly with the company you affiliate for and provide them with your banking information.

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