Do you love everything about Ellie and Mac PDF sewing patterns and embroidery designs?  Do you already share the love by telling your friends and posting all those cute things you make using EAM goodies?  If so, why not make a little extra cash by just doing what you already do?  Sign up today for our Affiliate program.  Link up to the store and get paid for sharing the love! 

Ellie and Mac Commissions
  • Our commission rate is 12% before taxes.  You will earn commission on all patterns, embroidery and appliques sales even if they use a gift card to checkout.  You will not earn a commission from your own orders placed.  
  • We will send you payments once a week through Paypal once you meet the $10 minimum payment amount.  
  • Your commission period is 7 days.  If a customer uses your link and then makes a purchase within 7 days, you will earn a commission from that sale.  
  • You will be provided with a personal link in your dashboard and once logged into the program, can track all activity and sales. 
How can I be Successful?
  • The best way to make money is to share your sewing story!!  Posts that share a short story or bit of information about your sewing journey or what you are sewing for, statistically convert more orders than those that simply share or push the sale of the item.  Share all those adorable creations you make. The more time that you give to promoting your links, the more you will make.   People love to see what you can make using the patterns.  Mashing up patterns and showing how you can use two or more together to make something unique is a great bonus because it promotes two patterns at once!  
  • Use our sales and special events to also drive traffic by simply sharing something that you have made that corresponds with that event or promotion. 
  •  When sharing our sales, you must share something that you have made.   
  • You may not use pattern images from the website to share.  You can create a graphic with wording to share a sale if you add photos of something you made only.  
  • Using images from the website is stealing someone else's work.  
  • According to the law, you must disclose that you are sharing an affiliate link.  To do this you could type affiliate link, afflink or something similar in the text of your post.  
  • You are responsible for the posting and promoting your affiliate links and photos.  
  •  Affiliates who do not follow the above rules will be blocked from using the affiliate program.
To sign up, visit and click on the Affiliate Program tab.  When you register, you will be given your own link to use when sharing your Ellie and Mac posts.