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Join the Wolf Pack. Become an Official Ambassador for Descended from Odin. 

At DFO we make super high quality, ethical products. Our ambassadors help us to reach new people by serving as a trusted face, help us to earn the trust of new customers. To enable our ambassadors to spend more time doing their thing, we reward them with an industry leading commission, new DFO gear and opportunities for trips and adventure. 

We're looking for wanderers & warriors with interests as diverse as art history to MMA! The important part for the scheme to work for you is to have a good reach of people and to be genuinely passionate about the brand and what we do.

So if you think theres a place for you, please register to apply and if successful, we'll be in touch! 

Please note: When choosing your desired code, stay away from obvious words that are likely to be taken i.e. THOR, ODIN etc

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