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You can earn money whilst you ride (or sleep!) – simply by referring people to our website.
Sign up for our affiliates program by registering an account. This is simple and free of charge, with no obligations once you have signed up.   Following this, you will have access to your own control panel that provides you with things like marketing materials + banners, a URL generator to create your own unique links, and an area to see how many orders you have generates (and your own individual earnings!).  

There are almost endless ways that you can promote Kentaur Australia and our products to generate earnings. Whether it be through social media, your own website or blog, or even through email marketing, all your referrals are tracked through our advanced tracking software. All you have to do is place the links generated in your control panel (simply copy and paste either our online store URL, shop.kentauraustralia.com, or a specific product/collection page into the link generator) on whatever form of promotion you choose to use.

We strongly encourage creativity here – and remember, people buy from people so try to make it look as ‘human’ and organic as possible!   Visitors that then reach our website via this link will be tracked for an entire week after they click the link. If they make a purchase in this time, you will automatically receive a commission! Pretty cool, right?