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Hi There! Would you like to make money just by telling people about Take Flight? Then this it the place for you! We have developed an affiliate program designed to bring financial freedom to you and Traceurs around the world.

Here is how our program works in 6 easy steps

#1. Sign up for a Take Flight affiliate account (it's 100% FREE by the way :)
#2. We assign you a custom affiliate ID and URL.
#3. Share the URL on social media and with friends. You can put it on your IG description, in YouTube videos, in blog articles, and in shares on Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest. We even give you banner images that you can place on your website if you have a website.
#4. When people click the URL our system records their visit. When that person places an order we give you a commission.
#5. We send you the money. *Boom* It's that easy!

Here are some benefits to signing up

  • It only takes a couple minutes
  • It is completely, 100% FREE!!
  • There are never any obligations.
  • You can make money just by sharing links on your social media!
If you have any questions about our program just contact us at We will get back to you within 48 hours.

Thank you for becoming a Take Flight Affiliate! We look forward to working with you :)

You do not have to fill out all of these fields. We put most of them here to get to you know you better. If we see something in your social media that stands out to us then we can find better ways to work together through that. But anything without an asterix you can leave blank if you don't want to fill it out :)