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Graveside Flowers

Graveside Flowers

If you have a website that is related to flowers, graves, cemeteries, memorials, obituaries, funeral planning, grieving, grave site tending, genealogy, or anything else that our products would be a good match for, you can use our affiliate sales program to generate more income. 

We offer a generous 15% commission on the sale of any products purchased by a customer who was referred by you starting at dollar one.
Additionally, we allow you to make higher commissions based on hitting a monthly sales level of $30,000.  At that point, the commission rate jumps up to 20%!

It's hard to find affiliate sales programs for physical products that are over 10%, and almost impossible to find them at 15 or 20%.  Additionally, you will be promoting high quality products with high levels of customer satisfaction.

We will provide you with everything you need to be successful, including top-notch affiliate support.