Affiliate program:

Uplift Active

Uplift Active

Do you have a following interested in yoga, aerial arts, or circus? Do you own or work at a studio? Setting up your qualified business, blog, or social media account as an authorized affiliate is easy and offers great profit potential with no risk!


Our Affiliate Program is an automated marketing program where you can share Uplfit Active products and services with your customers or followers and earn commission on referred sales. Options to refer customers include ads, banners, or buttons on your blog or website or social media, or word of mouth/client referrals. You earn money and share exciting new products! If you're active on social media, you can advertise that you are our "Brand Ambassador." If you're a studio, gym or instructor, you can share with your students that you are partnered with us as your "Preferred Equipment Providers" and share to them some of the best deals on equipment!


With the Uplift Active Affiliate Program, once your business is approved, you will gain access to your affiliate links that you simply add to your website. When a visitor to your website visits through your link and makes a purchase, you will earn a 10% commission. That is approximately $8 per hammock and $65 per A-Frame! Once you post the link on your website, customers can shop from us with no work required from you. The more customers you send us the more money you make!