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Find and Remove Inactive Facebook Friends

Find and Remove Inactive Facebook Friends

Category: Marketing
Average order: 50-200$

Description: How do you figure out who is truly active or inactive on your page?

We have the answer and the software!

Our software is unlike anything else on the market. We have developed a one of a kind proprietary software that calculates the TRUE INACTIVE FACEBOOK FRIENDS.

Most software calculates how active a user is based on their own activity. If they never post and are constantly engaging with your content, those softwares will tell you to delete them...that's not good at all!!

OR people make the mistake of scrolling to the bottom of their friends list and removing people that way.

What if we were to tell you that neither of these strategies actually works? If you have done either of these things before, you have 100% removed the wrong people.How do we know?

Well there are actually people at the bottom of your friends list who ARE ACTIVE with your page.

We spent years testing all these ideas out and when we couldn't find anything that actually work, we developed our own!

So what should you do?

Just tell us the time frame of 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or 180 days and we will send you a list of all the true inactive users on your page.

The time frame is for us to determine how far back you want to go. Based on the time frame you select, we will go back and do all the work for you.

If this is your first time, we suggest 180 days!

We will then send you an Excel Spreadsheet with all the true inactive users on there.

From there, you may go through the spreadsheet and remove anyone on that list you would like to keep (family, friends, influencers, etc...).

Once you give us the OK, we will then unfriend all the inactive users on that list.It's that simple! Don't spend countless hours or days trying to figure all this out, we will handle all of this for you! Easy as that!

Please note we need the following to run the software:
- Temporary Access to your Facebook Account
- Email to send Google Excel Spreadsheet to You