April 2017 Improvements

Hi all

just a small update with the latest improvements we made to the app:

  1. Calculate royalties on the price minus the affiliate’s commission: In the SKU settings, you can choose the royalty commissions to be calculated on the product’s price, after the affiliate earnings are deducted. This will happen only if the products for which royalties are calculated, are part of an order, referred by an affiliate. To enable this feature, go to the “SKU Settings” page and at the bottom of the page, check option “Remove affiliate’s earnings”.
  2. Royalty affiliates can receive email on new purchase: the affiliates which are associated with products i.e. receive royalties, can now be notified by email when there is a new order (referred or not) which includes some of their products. To enable this feature, click on the “Mail notification on new affiliated purchase” option and check “Send notification email to the affiliate (royalties order)”. The email subject and text sent to the royalty affiliates is the same as the one sent to normal affiliates.
  3. Royalty affiliates can view the individual products in the order: if you have enabled the storing of order’s products and showing this info to your affiliates, now the royalty affiliates can see which and how many of their products are included in the order. This feature can be turned ON/OFF via the checkbox “See products info” for option “Affiliates can see the the additional order’s info”.
  4. View stats and order count in Two tier: if you have enabled Two tier, you can now choose to show to your affiliates the stats and total count of the orders of their referred affiliates. This data can be viewed in the page “Two tier” in the affiliate’s panel. To turn it ON, open the Two tier details window in your admin panel and check the option “Show two tier visits and orders”.

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