Commission Tiers reward system


We released new functionality to the “Commission Tiers” feature, called “Rewards”. With this functionality, you can reward high performance affiliates by lowering the conditions for reaching the next tier if they achieve certain results for specific time.
For example:
Screenshot 2016-11-28 14.10.40
From this setup, if affiliate A is on Tier 1 (the starting tier), and he have referred orders for more than 40£ (20% or more from the condition of the next tier i.e. Tier 2) within of 10 days after the periodical tier reset, the condition for the next tier will be deducted with 15% i.e. if affiliate A have referred orders of at least 170£ (200£ – 15%) he will be switched to Tier 2.

Notice: this feature will work only if you have enabled the periodical reset of tiers!

3 thoughts on “Commission Tiers reward system

  1. Hello,

    Is there a way to setup affiliates on different pay structures instead of a universal one? For example, someone on a percentage and others on a flat rate commision.


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