Development update – New year 2023

Hello dear community! Let’s get started by wishing you a wonderful 2023.

Our efforts to bring you persistent improvements of our service don’t stop. Today we bring you our latest achievements since the last time you heard from us:

  • Admins can now set “Buy X Get Y“ type of discount for the automatic created coupon codes (This option is only available in Shopify)
    You will find this option in Settings -> On Tracking methods section click on “Coupon Settings” -> Scroll down to “Automatic coupon code sync settings” and for the “Discount applies for” dropdown you will see this new option.

  • QR codes of affiliates are now visible at the affiliate’s details window
    Previously, this information was only visible from the QR configuration screen at settings. We understand that this is useful information that should be at hand so we took this step forward to improve usability.

  • Thai language is now supported.
    Greetings to all of our users in Thailand. We are always working towards the support of new languages so this is your turn. Just go to Settings -> Customization -> “Translate the affiliate’s panel to” and Thai is available for you to select.

  • Admins can pull order data via the API (Shopify/BigCommerce/Ecwid) when manually adding an order
    There’s a common case where when the customer didn’t use a tracking link/coupon code or code was assigned to affiliate after the order so admins would need to add the order manually.
    In the past, to manually add the order, you had to get all the information of the order field by field. But now, if you have your account attached to a Shopify store, when you need to manually add an order in Affiliatly by going over Orders -> Add single order, you should see a button that says “Get data automatically”.
    To use it, you just need to enter the order ID and when you click on it will pull  the order’s price/date/landing/referring pages.

We hope that these updates please you and let you appreciate how promising 2023 is going to be to all of us. Thank you for reading and if in any case you need help with Affiliatly our wonderful support team is waiting to read your message.


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