4 thoughts on “Ecwid integration

  1. This is awesome, and I just signed up. However, it is not working- I thought the integration was pre-done since I installed the app thru Ecwid extensions?

    • Hi Amy, sorry about this. It seems with Wix stores you have to manually add the visitors tracking code, I have send you an email with the exact code and instructions about the integration.

  2. Sent an email to support but haven’t received a response. Tried to integrate affiliatly extension into my Ecwid store (within a Wix site) and it is not working. Please advise as to what I need to do to get it working.

    • Hi Wendy, we have replied, but it seems you didn’t get the email.
      About your issue – please check page Integration in your Affiliatly’s admin panel, as with Wix you will have to manually add our visitors tracking code to your site.

      In page Integration, you will find instructions how to do that.

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